Banana workshops

Gallery minding is a tricky art. Part tedium, you run the risk of leaping with enthusiasm every time a new body wants in the door. And yr forced to stare at yr own art for hours. Which is an experience that can go both ways. It does help with any letting go issues you might have, though. The process of watching people make bananas has provided old-school entertainment with stencils, sharpies and knives. Children are quite keen to make, rather than look. Other artists are also keen to create – special mentions go to Cathy and Kass for creating their own unique responses to the

‘Brief’. Here is Cathy’s spatial challenge to the limits of 2d cardboard.

Kass (far left) created the whole bunch of bananas, as a single form.

The bananas started to breakout from the original grid of bananas onto the next wall.

Sam (aged 5) and Janine made this lovely text based interpretation to the brief. Here’s a couple more photos of the original wall with fresh additions.

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