2012 Shifty women, dirty rats

A-M Gallery, Newtown Sydney. Feb 2012.

Exhibited with Cathy Weiszmann at A-M Gallery, Newtown.

Alice Fisher
The Banker
Peter Doyle, author opening the exhibition
Hat Head George
The Abortionist
Missing Girl

The swindler, the coiner and the murderer, abortionists, petty thieves and con artists — these are some of the individuals brought back to life in sculptural relief by Cathy Weiszmann and figurative paintings by Sharon Kitching. The artworks emphasise the person, rather than the crime, and Cathy and Sharon inject a humanity into the often anonymous figures of our criminal past.

He refused to open his eyes

These paintings were influenced by the Police and Justice Museum photographs from the Sydney police of the 1920s showcased in 2 exhibitions /catalogues – City of Shadows, and Crooks like us. The books where a collection of forensic photography and mugshots of Sydney’s criminal underbelly. The paintings aim to capture the spirit of the photography portraits – the individuality and the relationship with the camera.

Cathy Weiszmann is a sculptor who makes lovely intimate figurative sculptures, and public artworks at the Sydney Cricket Ground. More information and the opening night video at A-M gallery

There is an archived work in progress blog at shiftyandshady.tumblr.com