Glebe Art Show 2022

The Glebe Art Show was on recently in the Tramsheds. I had work in the show – see images. It’s an inclusive show for local artists in the Sydney and Inner West Council areas with a set number of works that can be hung in the location. So no judgment is made, and everyone who enters is hung. A massive undertaking to hang ~180 works in the space of 2-3 days. The show is then open for 4 days.

I did a bit of volunteer web work for the show which gave me a birds-eye view into the amount of effort that goes into organising any major event – the physical bumping in and assemblage of the walls etc. Heartily suggest that if you live or work in the local area that you enter next year. A lot of eyeballs wandered through the show over the weekend ~2000+ people with a wide variety of work.

Man and dog pose next to ‘The Ballad of Barnaby Jack’.
The Ballad of Barnaby Jack from an Instagram post.
In situ at the Tramsheds.

And in the end Barnaby Jack went home with some friends.

The true story of Barnaby Jack

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