the face that walks

Face that walks. Pencil on paper, A4 2022
Empty head, Pencil and graphite on paper, A4 2022
Empty head too Pencil and graphite on paper, A4 2022

It’s been raining for weeks, and half of northern new south wales is underwater, and Russia is invading Ukraine and our empty-headed pollies are sniping at each other’s photo opportunities (each one lamer than the next). That’s the status of the world – wild weather warning us of climate change and the incoming energy crisis.

In Feb I drew half a dozen of these walking wigs with hands. Empty heads or hair wrapped around a void. Or hair that walks. Walking blind into the future. Andre Breton (Dadaist) had a great sculpture of hair – Emma, 1900 which tapped into the horrorshow of fetishizing beauty by containing it. And who doesn’t love a wig?

Emma, Andre Breton
Source: Reed Enger, “Emma,” in Obelisk Art History, Published March 04, 2015; last modified May 05, 2021,

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