Yellow Wallpaper

Pinning up images. Looking. Artists are supposed to spend a lot of time looking. Apparently that’s why painting often attracts the contemplative. Most of this was drawn in front of the television watching bad crime, hence the nipple touching, disjointed isolated nature of many of the drawings. There’s a lot of floating in space. Women as strangers. Men with angry faces and big ears aka, the mad monk. Influences from Bruce Petty to every Angry Penguins artist ever purchased by David Walsh. The next step is to digitalise these and turn them into my own stop motion crime drama.

This was shot in a currently empty studio with a window (!!) a hotly desired feature of any studio. Window, wooden floor, and some token insulation and peeling paint. This studio has it all. It’s currently up for rent for approx $550/month plus bills *final price is decided by the landlord, and he prefers we don’t discuss prices, especially with each other. Just in case you’d ever wondered what it costs to have a studio in Rozelle Sydney.

All drawings on A4 80gm office paper purchased from Reverse Garbage. Coloured pencil, inks, watercolour paint and graphite pencils are used in no particular order. Mildly archival.

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