Paint a Meme

What’s a meme? God knows. Think of it as a visual idea that mutates and changes like a viral version of a gene. Memes reuse the same images, or language and for reasons I can barely articulate they tend to make me laugh. They past from person to person with a tweak here. The internet now homes more meme generators than you can poke a stick at and a billion blogs with the all the examples. Art has always referenced, mostly without acknowledgement. Memes feel like a variation on a very familiar theme.

Y U NO Guy is a meme who’s always amused me. The rough face, the pleading arms. He’s a dramatic inarticulate pause. It’s roughly how I feel when my work day goes south and frustration levels are rising. So I painted my own homage the other night. In oil paint. And it’s not small.

I’m not sure who’s mean? Life, politics? Trump? Scotty? Me? But it amused me. And frankly, what’s the point of painting if you can’t make yourself laugh. See more YUNO guy by going down the rabbit hole

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