Putting a face on it

I’ve been looking a lot at Francisco Goya’s paintings who has the ability to draw a character with a few dabs of brown, and brushwork that seems to have no hesitation. The (El Gran Cabrón/Aquelarre), Witches’ Sabbath has all the roving eyes, and scene stealing facial expressions you would want.

In art, there is no need for colour; I see only light and shade. Give me a crayon, and I will paint your portrait. Francisco Goya

Witches have a meeting.
Public Domain Link

Goya’s paintings have a life and movement in the brushstrokes that hold your eye and remind you of how human his faces are with their pantomime eyes and telegraphed noses. Contemporary painting often tends to freeze moments. Ever since film we’re obsessed with slow-mo motions, and seconds that drag out time as if we somehow can see perfection in a frozen second.

So, somehow, I ended up painting the quick fast number below as the start of a painting, and decided in the spirit of goya, that perhaps it was enough.

Since then I have layered on the glaze to try and make something of the murky marks, and the muddy background. Mostly, it just makes me laugh.

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