Drawings from the couch

Research points to people watching television are often in a dream-like state. A friend came into the studio and sorted through piles of scribbles and rough sketch. When you start pulling up the sketches, you quickly realise how little motifs are often repeated. Here are some ones I liked:

The answers to trivia, everywhere at any time. The horror of Google. Sunlight on the grass. Tiny feet (I blame Balthus, once you it – you can’t unsee it).

I have a rubber band ball in the drawer. It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (it’s a trope).

Rubber Duckie you’re the one. Disembodied hands in the slouchy uniform of the hidden 90s. Bowl haircuts, and big ears, all the better to hear you with, and yes, the Pixies. I’ve had the same rubber duckie in the bathroom since a house warming about 8 years ago. There must a billion of them on the planet.

Another surveillance head drops in. Like a boom mike in a bad tv show.. the drinkers red nose shows up everywhere, and the loops of negative space under the arms.

Drawn while I was watching Wall Street for the first time (yep, about 20 years later than everyone else), and the paintings in the background of the movie were these grandiose moments – big, overblown, hovering behind the various Sheens. Big faces, and a huge monolithic Miro, which was real and worth a small fortune then.

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