Sydney art blogs – roundup

I’m endlessly searching for blogs that reflect what’s going in the Australian art scene – and it’s always hard to find them. So just a quick roundup of places I go to find exhibition openings, and bit of chitter chatter.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

The Art Life – reviews, commentary and bits and pieces from around Sydney (mainly). I like their New Work Fridays when artists send in stuff they are working on/ about to exhibit. They also have a list of art media and publications online

Das Platforms – they will even seen you a monthly print version!

Art Guide

Art Asia

Strobed – who where around a fair bit for a year, but seem to have dropped off lately, although I did spot one out and about at an opening recently. They do a Facebook-generated exhibition calendar by inviting them to yr event and it auto-generates to their openings calendar.

Six to eight– local openings around Sydney, and lately up the blue mountains and up the coast! Often does a quick video which if you can’t make it to a show helps visualise the work in the space.

The Countess cause women count in the art world (i love this, from my sheer love of data and my sense of righteous indignation all rolled into one). CoUNTess is a blog that presents data and reviews on gender representation in the Australian Contemporary art-world.


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