Looking forward to 2015

A surprising amount of work goes into making a show. And the first step is generally finding an idea. And a person(s) to have a show with. And a gallery to show at, and actually making the work.

You can see how the cart/chicken/horse can become entangled.

In April 2015 I’m showing at Sheffer Gallery – 138 Lander street in Darlington – which is local to where I work. It’s literally a block away from the uni, and I often pop in at lunchtime to check out the show. I’ll be collaborating / exhibiting with Pam Branas, a talented painter/printmaker on a series of works  – Watching. Pam Branas is a avid sketcher and has been making a series of works based on her commuter sketches.

You can see Pam’s work on her blog and on  tumblr

Also in the planning stage to  have a show with Bernadette Boscacci next year. We’re still discussing ideas, but it looks interesting. Pairing off her sculptures with my paintings, we’re hoping to have a dialogue about well, contemporary mores. She lives in Townsville, so it’s a little link long distance dating – we exchange emails and photos, and converse quickly over chat. Today she sent me this pair.


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